Kitesurf Equipment Rental Tenerife

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Kitesurf Equipment Rental Tenerife

Welcome to Tenerife Kitesurf School in El Medano Bay, Tenerife. We´re a  Kitesurfing mono Brand center which offers all last season Naish Equipment to enjoy your holidays and sessions on the wáter. Test and enjoy our new Naish Pivot, Naish Slash, Naish Dash, Naish Ride, Naish Torch and all variaety of  twintips boards like Naish Motion, Naish Monarch, Naish Alana, Naish Stomp  in different sizes 134, 136, 138, 140. Looking for more acton ?

Test our new  Naish Global 5”8” boards for your strapless session or try Naish Alaia for those days of light wind.

Kitsurf Equipment Rental Tenerife. Rental equipment included: Wetsuits, Helmets, Yepzon GPS to locate where you are all the time on the wáter. Your security is our priority.

Enjoy your holidays and see you on the water.