Tenerife Kitesurf school offers a good  range of gear  to rent. Nice selection of kites and boards. Do not get stressed at the airport, extra weight or just extra payments. In our family school  you do not have to worry about it. We work with new season top brands, Naish and Airush. Good selection of kites from 4 metres till 14 metres. Big variety of twintips 134,136,138, 140, 142 and 145. Trade wind predomínates over the Canary Islands. They blow from the North East, most of the time gusty and wavy during almost all year.
Options to rent:

A) Rental Equipment + Supervision

It consists of rental gear + 30-60 minutes of supervision with one monitor who will
explain you all details about spot, kitesurf area, way out and security rules. Perfect for new visitors or those ones who would like to feel comfortable and secured being supervised and guided. Please, book in advanced at least 2 days prior. This option has an extra charge of 15€.
ID or Passport.

B) Rental Equipment only

If you consider your level is experienced enough, take your gear and go riding without booking in advanced.
Passport + Credit Card.
In this case, we will charge a security- deposit  that will be back to you  as soon as you return all equipment rented in good conditions.


All requirements are not negotiable, therefore do not forget to bring the documents mentioned above when you come to the school. Remember, these documents should all be in the name of the renter.
Neither option A nor B has insurance against damages and broken gear, so you are responsible of any damage caused to the rented gear.


Please, if you have decided to rent with us, remember after finishing your session; please bring your kite pumped to the school to check it out with any school staff.

Stock 2018

Tenerife Kitesurf Rental Equipment Policy

  • Tenerife Kitesurf School timetable is from 10:00am till 18:00 in summer season and from 10:00 till 17:00 in winter season.
  • Tenerife Kitesurf School will give you all information you need to know about the spot, the bayconditions, warnings and possible danger.We are not responsable for your acts and behavoir ,not responsable for accidents occur on the bay to others.
  • We are going to do our best to help you out in case of accident and rescue.
  • At Tenerife Kitesurf School we have theright reserved to confirm if your sailing way is right in order to carry on or not with the rental contract
  • The person who rents must be on the right mental and physical condition as not being under any drug or drunk influence.
  • Tenerife Kitesurf does not ccount with anygearinsurance againtsbroken, lost and destroying equipments, so in order to avoid any trouble, the tenant is the responsable person for damage caused by his own imprudence.
  • We require your Passport or IC during the time of your rental equipment as a symbol of rental deposit.
  • All payments must be done to Tenerife Kitesurf School account, Banco Santander, Iban ES89 0049 4478 18 2410013892, Carlos F Rodriguez C.
  • All prices include VAT of 7.0 %
  • Tenerife Kitesurf is an official School certified by Cabildo de Tenerife-Consejeria de Agricultura y Pesca, addressed on Paseo Nuestra Senora Mercedes Rojas N 58, El Medano, Tenerife, The Canary Islands Spain, D.P: 38612


You can test all new season boards and kites

From 45€


  • 1 Kitesurf new season Equipment: Kite, Board, Bar, Harness, Helmet, Wetsuit
  • Switch model of kites and boards to test new stock: Ride, Pivot, Airush,Lithium, Motion board, Global board, etc.
  • GPS to locate you all the time when you are on the bay
Any question or doubt about Rental gear ? Never mind, write to us on